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Our Bakery

Delicious Bakery first opened its doors in 1960. Some of our customers may remember getting their bread and birthday cakes at the bakery and shopping at the pharmacy and fish market.  We are now the last of the original businesses at University Center. Through the years our little bakery has seen different ownership, business models and even survived an earthquake! 

In 2001 ownership of the bakery was taken over by Jan and Martin Campos. Jan comes from generations of bakers. Her grandparents owned a bakery in the Fairfax District and her parents owned one in North Hollywood. She brings that heritage with her in the recipes that we continue to make from scratch and by hand. Martin's experience as a bread baker goes back 30 years in the San Fernando Valley. European style ryes, challahs and rolls are his specialty and the foundation of our continued success.




From breads, danish, cookies, and pastries to cakes our process is the same. Start with fresh ingredients, use the highest quality possible, and make it by hand. Our products are exactly what you would expect from a European style bakery. Our rye breads are made from a sour base that we care for and "refresh" daily. Cookies are shaped and cut by hand. The danish is formed one by one. And the pride we take in our craftsmanship comes through in all of them.  

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